Why composite doors are the new favorite?

A composite doors stands with a simple purpose of separating two parts of a building but most people prefer having them in their own unique ways. That is certainly important since a door is the first central feature a person lays eyes upon while entering the building, not to mention the doors create a strong impression about the interiors of a building. A royal building would be guarded by a large decorative door with a heavy weight knob, similarly a door that leads to a day care would be simple and soothing to see. This is why people spend hundreds of dollars on getting a door that welcomes their guests in a way they never could.

Besides aesthetic purposes, a door is also responsible to fulfill its destiny in several ways. By blocking extra external heat, to keeping the sunlight outside and acting as a strong opaque barrier a door serves all of its functions it was created for, but like every other thing, some doors are better at their jobs than the other. This is why composite doors are the new favorites of the furnishing and construction industry. hearing the name for the first time might surprise you but we have all the right reasons to make you realize the importance and need of having a gorgeous composite door as your constant security guard.

Table of Contents

What are composite doors?

How are Composite doors Made?

How are composite doors better than other doors?



Composite doors vs uPVC

Is it worth the investment?


What are composite doors?

A composite doors is simply a structure that is mixed with the physical properties of two or more different elements to achieve a desired result. When certain materials are combined, they produce a substance that is skilled in doing a certain task, such as being stronger, lighter, or electricity resistant. They can enhance strength and rigidity too. The reason for using them over traditional materials is because they improve their base material properties and are applicable in many situations.

The construction of a door merely depends upon a number of factors that adjoined produce the given quality and functionality of a door. Taking from material to thickness and the processes used to make an object, all these factors combined greatly affect how well or the way a final structure performs. Composite doors are the latest addition to the family of door designed specifically by keeping in mind the shortcomings and flaws of previous types of single or conventional door structures.

This simple yet effective invention has combined the ideal qualities of material to rule out the common flaws that were noticed in previous door structures to get a product that is durable and works better than others.

How are Composite doors made?

Under a proper supervision with a series of careful construction step and by relevant raw material. But this does not help solve the confusion of this product being better and popular than others. To understand a composite door, it is important to have a look at its construction pertaining to the type of raw materials used and a process that makes the composite door stand out.

When we purchase a door, we get a well painted, fully designed beautiful frame along with the door ready to be installed, but the functionality goes far beyond that, from inner lining to external coating, everything has a considerable impact on the properties of a door. For a composite door, the door frame is normally constructed of steel or timber with 70mm UPVC  with a variety of colors to choose from and match your choice of interior.

After the strong door frame, a composite door has a CFC-free insulating polyurethane ( PU) foam or a laminated hardwood core set in a reinforced hardwood / steel frame with locking and hinge blocks pre-located during construction, banded at the edges with either a 2 mm PVC or metal edging strip edge and facing each side with a 2 mm GRP or similar cladding clamped and bonded to the core to provide a robust structure. GRP or Glass Reinforcement Plastic ensures that the door does not crack upon thermal changes and always stands tall with a shiny clean surface to give an attractive look. Besides that, composite doors are available in several colors and designs suitable for every building need, which makes them an ideal choice for you.

How are composite doors better than other doors?

When it comes to give up old traditions and things, we understand a little hesitation. The first question that arises is how the new comer is better than my loyal old buddy? But all old things must goa t some point, only to be replaced by better. Its about time that old PVC and UPVC doors are replaced by the new, flashy composite doors.

Pros of Composite doors

With such hype for a product it must offer some qualities that are unique and attractive. Composite doors have several advantages over other types of doors and these are listed below.

Variety of designs

Who doesn’t like to have hundreds of options? The freedom of having to look at multiple options and then choosing the best one for you gives a sense of command and happiness. This is the benefit of shopping for a composite door. A composite door comes and can be made in variety of choices and options that match every person’s taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design for a more conventional house, or prefer a futuristic design style for a modern property, there is a perfect solution.

Unique designs

These doors give you the efficiency of better materials with the look of classic timber, with a wood grain exterior. A composite doors would fit perfectly into any home with a wide variety of designs and glass patterns. Whether you want to add a modern twist to your home or preserve its charming heritage feel; the perfect choice to impress is a composite doors.

Impeccable strength

The multi-layered structure of a composite doors provides power and stability with an insulating foam core and a solid outer frame. That makes it perfect in any environment for residential use. Moreover, your favorite doors does not ask for constant attention as well. One of the best features of a composite doors is that to keep it in good shape it doesn’t need time-consuming and costly maintenance. The surface of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) won’t fade, warp or crack so you don’t have to think about repaint. Just wipe it off with a soapy cloth to make it look great! Adding to the strength factor, A composite door’s core can include wood, insulating materials, and many other layers that are all covered by a weather-resistant skin outside. The only real trade off with the construction of a composite doors is that you might expect to pay a little more than you can for a regular UPVC doors but the benefits greatly outweigh the additional costs.

Safe during extreme climates

With effective weatherproof seals, you can be assured that your composite doors will be an efficient defense no matter what the weather throws at your home. Draughts won’t be a problem anymore and you can stay comfortable all seasons long.

Personalized themes

Your front doors is your first impression opportunity, so choosing an exciting color will make your home brighter. Composite doors come in classic colors like Traffic Red and Chartwell Green and any RAL color. The color you choose will remain as bright as the day the door was installed for many years to come. Besides colors, you also have the freedom to get multiple engravings and patterns on your composite door which would make an impression from afar.

Cons of Composite doors

The major concern with a composite door is the high price. This could be the main reason why so many people who are well appealed by the composite door’s designs and features but still won’t make the worthy move of purchase, this price factors comes in great consideration especially when not only exteriors but all the doors of the house need to be replaced. And while this is often seen as a disadvantage, in real sense, the reasoning behind the price is quite straightforward in that, you pay for what you get.

There has to be a price tag to match, with all the pro’s and benefits mentioned. So, what’s the harm if you are paying for what you get, a high quality, secure door with customizable designs and features.

Composite doors vs uPVC

Its been a while to this discussion and we clearly now have a winner. There is a reason why a new item replaces the former and sometimes its all for the right reasons.

  • uPVC doors are completely made out of plastic whereas the composite doors are a versatile combination of different materials that are strongly fused together under high pressure and temperature conditions (the need to mention high is to denote that components wont scatter anytime soon).
  • Composite doors have a clear high edge when it comes to thickness with a strong value of 44mm as opposed to uPVC doors that are only 28 mm thick. More thickness means more thermal stability.
  • A composite door is easily more strong, stable, resilient and better at everything than a uPVC door.
  • A uPVC door demands continuous maintenance and care, while being easy to clean they lose a considerable portion of their lifespan if ignored for a considerable period of time. Owing to that you cannot take annual vacations to different parts of the world for months while your uPVC door ages alone at the home. Composite doors on the other hand, are able to withstand alone times and become as good as new upon attendance.
  • Referring to twice the thickness of material a composite door offers, it doubles the level of security as well. Despite the thickness, composite doors also have a strong layer of polyurethane core which acts as a rock-hard resistance and gives ultimate strength to the core.
  • Both uPVC doors look similar when freshly purchased and are white, but they appear to fade over the years and can look very unattractive. On the other hand, composite doors are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. With variety of options you can choose what you want, and you can select something that will compliment your home theme.

Composite doors are challenging the life and dominance of uPVC doors and grace many families homes’ entrance and gradually become the ultimate ‘door of choice.’ Owing to its simplicity, attractive appearance and easy-cleaning, uPVC doors have been favored for years.

Is it worth the investment?

When investing in things like home and furnishing, the real worth is never seen at the moment bought. What’s the point of paying few hundreds if you have to pay them every 6 months rather than paying thousand once? A composite door is a similar, expensive but worthy investment with a lifespan that will cover up the initial dollars spent. By reducing your energy costs and helping to reduce your carbon footprint, composite doors will save you money over time. If you select a composite glazing doors, you will also find less reliance on artificial light when it comes to lighting your hallway or entrance room, particularly during the summer months.


By preferring a composite doors of high quality for a property versus cheaper alternatives, property owners not only stamp their individuality and personality on their property but also make a statement that they respect efficiency, longevity and good value for money. If only the best is well enough, consider a composite doors that blends together with its design, construction quality, unrivaled protection and attention to detail to create a genuinely high quality, solid, weather-tight, stable and virtually maintenance-free product. However, shopping for a composite doors could be a tiring job specially when there are a million of options to choose from. The doors market is ever growing but to mention, only some of the products are high quality and deserve you hard earnt money. With quality composite doors you might not need to worry for the years to come and live a beautiful secure life.