What are a French Doors? 4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know!

Maybe many times you have heard someone mention French doors and how wonderful they are, but you probably don’t know exactly what a French doors is and 4 additional things you didn’t know about them. If you decide to select this sophisticated and safe element in your home, you must be clear about what it’s and the benefits that you can obtain with its installation.

What is a French doors?

A French doors can be installed both indoors and outdoors and is mainly characterized by the glass included in its different designs. They allow both inward and outward movement, as long as the appropriate hinges are selected for each case. Another outstanding feature is that its structure includes 2 panels or 2 leaves that close in the center and can be opened, closed, or manipulated independently.

A French doors represents a classic, elegant and timeless way that allows you to bring the outdoors into your home, room, or any space you want. Its variety of models and designs have become increasingly popular thanks to the fact that they offer privacy in any environment while allowing a visual connection conveniently and subtly between 2 different environments or spaces.

Depending on the desire of each person, additional elements or accessories can be added to the French doors to complement the decoration you have in your home or in the place where you want to install the doors. You can incorporate curtains, blinds, mosquito nets, or any other accessory. Feel free to play with your imagination and create the perfect atmosphere in your environment.

Learn 4 things you probably didn’t know about French Doors

French doors are much more than a decorative element, there are probably things that you don’t know about their history, name, uses, and even their installation. Here are 4 things you didn’t know about a French doors:

1. Why they are called French doors?

French doors take that name since it was the French who were in charge of adding decorative elements to the original doors and giving them the distinctive touch that characterizes them today. It was the French who began to incorporate crystals into the original design, achieving a very particular and attractive style with additional benefits included.

One of the most outstanding benefits is that they can allow natural light to pass through them. It was this amazing innovation that resulted in a revolution in the population and little by little its popularity grew around European countries to the rest of the world.

Little by little, the French were changing the models and designs, they began to introduce more and more innovative architectural elements in their structure to bring elegance and distinction to their presentation and thus finally leave their name fixed in the history of this style of doors.

2.    Its origin is interesting

Maybe from the name, you can immediately assume that its origin occurs in the country of France, as it turns out that its name has no relation to its country of origin. The French doors takes that name since it was in France that its popularity began at the time of the Renaissance. His actual country of origin dates back to Italy around the time of the Roman Empire. It was in the seventeenth century when the French learned about this new style and began to use it mainly on the balconies of their homes.

They were made by hand, their original design was made of wrought iron and wood. The first examples were large windows, what was wanted at that time was to create open spaces that allowed the entry of fresh air into the home and that generated a wide and open environment. The idea was very interesting and liked by many so its manufacture was extended to the doors.

3. Serve for indoors and outdoors

For outdoors they are perfect as the main doors, some designs consider security, thermal protection, acoustic protection, elegance, and other characteristics that the main doors of your home should have. Regarding the material to select, you can choose for your main French doors from steel to wood with glass panels suitable for exterior use.

When it comes to indoors, there is also a French doors for every need. You can play with greater slack when selecting the French doors for each specific area within the house since it will not be necessary to worry too much about security. In this sense, you can start from a traditional doors as a base and begin to add the desired decorative theme and any French element according to space.

4. They are functional and easy to version

One of the most valuable functions that French doors have is that they allow light to pass through the glass included in their design and at the same time connect spaces that are separated. This wonderful feature makes this style of doors useful for multiple areas of a home. That is why they can be conveniently installed in gardens, balconies, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and any other space you want to separate but at the same time provide the opportunity to connect both areas whenever you want.

The evolution of this style of doors has meant that over the years they have evolved and continue to do so to create different versions and thus adapting to any taste and need. The versions include a variety of materials, shapes, types of installation, etc.

Tips for installing a French doors

Installing a French doors is not a difficult task, however, it’s advisable to follow some tips:

  • Measure the turning radius (the area where the doors will open and close) and check that it’s clean.
  • Have all necessary tools before beginning doors installation.
  • Measure the depth of the beam and verify that the doors adjusts to that depth. It’s assumed that he must know this depth to buy or manufacture the French doors to that measure.
  • Always carry out work accompanied to take care of the structure of the doors and avoid accidents or injuries.
  • Always follow the installation advice and additional recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Adopt the French style in your home

You already know what a French doors is and 4 things you didn’t know about it, so dare to incorporate this elegant and subtle style into your home so that you can start enjoying spacious and bright spaces. Remember that you can play with the appropriate materials according to the place where it’s going to be installed so that you not only enjoy a pleasant decoration but also the security and privacy you need.