Front doors: Why select the most suitable one?

The facade of a house or business generates a very important first impression for those who visit the place. For this reason, the front doors are a determining and significant element since they focus the attention of those who visit the place. Fortunately, there are different types of doors and a variety of options to select the one that best suits the facade of your home.

What aspects to consider when selecting front doors?

Maybe when buying a door, we will most likely look at the physical characteristics and its complete design to select a pleasant-looking one. However, there are fundamental elements that should not be overlooked, and that contribute to a correct selection. These are:

  • The frame. It´s in charge of surrounding the entire door forming a frame in it. It´s very important to check that it´s made of a resistant material since it will be in charge of reinforcing it and providing resistance.
  • The sheet. It´s the interior element of the door, generally made of steel. Additionally, on the outside, it has a different finish to give it a more pleasant appearance. That finish can be made of wood, metal, PVC, or any other.
  • The accessories that guarantee the closing of the door are those that make it possible for the door to fit correctly into the wall and thus make the perfect closing. These accessories include the hinges, the lock that is installed on the door, and the necessary anchors to complete the installation.

What are the types of front doors that exist on the market today?

According to the degree of security they can offer, the front doors to be installed at the entrances can be of 2 types: armored and battleship.

The construction of the armored front doors includes a double reinforcement made from steel material, said reinforcement goes on both sides of the door and is thick enough to offer adequate security and resistance.

The cylinder in its locks has a special design that prevents it from being removed easily. Likewise, the keys created for this type of design are unique; that is, it´s very difficult to make a copy of it.

The battleship doors have a design that includes a special locking system that makes their locks fully and securely closed on all 4 sides. Also, the security of its hinges prevents them from being forced by using levers.

Its name “battleship” is because they are made from steel, concrete, and with additional alloys to ensure a very robust, reliable, and safe shell.

Regarding prices, the most expensive are the battleship doors since it has a much higher degree of security. However, its cost is worth it. Besides, all its structure, sheet, and other elements are quite robust to offer good resistance.

Pay attention to your choice

Choosing the right front doors for each location represents an important issue that requires proper attention and should not be overlooked. Likewise, it´s not only a matter of considering the external characteristics that they have but also the advantages that each one offers concerning safety, resistance, and quality.