French Doors

Brighten up your home, improve your view and make your garden a natural extension of your living area with a French Doors.

As both doors leafs open, there is unrestricted access and maximum ventilation.  Choose between French Doors that open inwards or outwards (Note: restrictors are fitted as standard to doors that open outwards)

Why are French Doors Famous?

Features & Benefits of French Doors:

  • Low maintenance – They will not rot, warp or require repainting
  • Internal glazing as standard as well as a 12 point hook bolt locking system and anti-snap key cylinders.
  • Thermal efficiency – They are available either 28mm Double Glazed or 40mm Triple Glazed using the latest specification in Energy Rated glass.
  • There are a wide range of colours available including White, Black, Whitegrain, Cream, Chartwell Green, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Nut tree and Anthracite Grey. (“Why not have Anthracite Grey on the outside of the doors and white on the inside?”)
  • All uPVC French Doors are reinforced with galvanized steel.
  • Handles and hinges are available in white, gold, black, shiny silver and satin silver.

French doors

Are very popular doors choices. Their ability combined with their attractive appearance to let in large amounts of light makes them a desirable feature in many homes. While contemporary as well as traditional designs are available these days, many centuries ago the origins of the French doors can be traced back. In the early 16th century France had been at war with Italy.

While at war, the French were exposed to many new ideas of art and architecture, as Italy had experienced a Renaissance during this period. In particular, elements such as geometry, regularity, symmetry and proportion have been taken back to France as well as the idea that light could be more incorporated into architectural designs. This brought to the famous invention now known as front doors.

Modern French Doors

As we know them today, French doors aren’t so different in design from their traditional counterparts. With precision cutting, the use of alternative materials such as composite and improved doors hardware, modern manufacturing techniques have benefited the French doors.

The modern French doors are a classic combination of tradition and modernism made with modern crafting methods that provide a classic and decent touch. Despite being beautiful to look at these doors are also extremely energy efficient that can cut up energy costs up to 10% while keeping the internal and external environment away from mixing with each other. To make a French doors energy efficient they are equipped with glass packages; the grilles are installed on or between glass panels. French wood patio doors are beautiful energy-efficient, and easy to clean and maintain.

uPVC French Doors
Choose from an extensive range of designs and colours to enhance the appearance of your home. All back doors are available in double glazing and triple glazing. Aside from security, a new Back Doors offer excellent thermal efficiency.

French doors represent a decorative resource that has become increasingly striking and has not stopped evolving. The French style in both interior and exterior doors can vary in designs and materials, becoming more and more attractive this option to consider when building or remodeling our home.

If we have to describe or define a French doors in the simplest way possible for those people who have not yet had the opportunity to observe or acquire one, we could say that it’s a doors that is composed of a structure or body. sturdy enough to provide security to an entrance. The material of the main structure can vary depending on the taste of each person. Also, it includes inserted crystals within its design to allow the passage of light.

If you visualize the aforementioned idea a bit, you will realize that from a decorative point of view, it represents a perfect alternative to maintain continuity in all the available spaces even if the French doors remain closed. Additionally, they have the peculiarity of providing a unique elegance that can practically be achieved only with this style of doors.

Whether you choose a classic French doors or a modern one, you will have the facility to adapt the current decoration of your home easily and quickly since they fit very well in practically any space. If you are building a home, it will be even easier to select the right French doors to your liking and create that perfect environment that you have been dreaming of for a long time.

Modern French doors are designs that combine classic and conventional models and styles with modernism to provide a different style appropriate for the current era in which we live. Craftsmanship techniques and methods are used for its manufacture to provide classic and decent effects at the same time.

Thanks to modern French doors, you can enjoy a beautiful, practical, and fully functional decorative element capable of providing multiple advantages:

  • Convenience of operation. They can be manufactured with the type of opening that the client wishes, it admits any type of construction like conventional doors.
  • Visual effect. They generate a visual effect of expansion thanks to the crystals that allow light to pass through them.
  • Thanks to the specialized technology used for the manufacture of its windows, French doors of high resistance and capable of withstanding high loads can be obtained.
  • Style and elegance. Its easy adaptation makes any combination of colors and crystal inlays possible to create individual designs.

Why are French doors famous?

You’ve probably seen French doors everywhere and still don’t know why they’re so famous. Well, multiple reasons position this type of doors as one of the favorites thanks to the benefits they provide to the spaces where they are installed. Some of the characteristics and benefits that you can find in this type of doors are the following:

  • You can put on them accessories such as hinges, handles, knobs, or any other, of any color to create the combination you want. You can play with gold, black, white, satin silver, shiny silver, and many more.
  • They can be manufactured with galvanized steel reinforcement to guarantee greater security to your home. It’s important to contact certified professionals with experience in this type of construction and design so that you obtain quality and reliable results for its use.
  • You can play with a fairly wide range of colors that will allow you to create multiple designs until you achieve the one that best suits your home. Colors available for French doors construction include black, bench, oak, gold, gray, cream, and many more shades.
  • The maintenance they require is minimal so you can be sure that your French doors are not going to rot, deteriorate, or deform so quickly. Even its paint is very durable as long as you buy a doors that meets the appropriate quality standards for this type of design.
  • They offer thermal efficiency thanks to the double or triple internal glazing that they are capable of admitting in their construction. It’s important to indicate to the manufacturer the type of glazing that each doors will need depending on the place where it is to be installed and pay attention to the type of glass which must be energy classified.
  • You will be able to create fabulous designs thanks to the particularity of this type of doors that have crystals embedded in their surface. Not only will you be able to enjoy the sunlight or artificial light in any space, but thanks to the incorporation of crystals, you will be able to create unique French doors models according to your tastes and needs.

Where to use a French door?

Maybe you have in mind that the use of French doors only apply to the facades of a home or a business, as it’s convenient for you to know that their versatility and functionality make them a decorative element that easily adapts to any space. French doors can be properly installed in the following areas:

  • Spaces with access to the garden. Imagine the garden of your home separated by a decorative and elegant doors that allows you to see the benefits of nature from inside your home. A true wonder. There are alternatives of different sizes to be able to install in the patio of your home and that you can enjoy a beautiful view while dividing the area at the same time.
  • Indoor environments. There are French doors designs to install in bedrooms, living rooms, studies, kitchens, bathrooms (with non-transparent glass), and any other interior space of a home.
  • Outdoor spaces. This is the preferred option for most, they are ideal to install in the main entrance of a home, on the facade of a business or commercial establishment, in party rooms, restaurants, etc. For the main doors, attention should be paid at the time of purchase or manufacture since they must be built with the appropriate materials to provide high resistance and security.

A versatile and functional option

Using French doors to protect either an interior or exterior area is a very versatile and popular option that will provide you not only decorative but functional benefits at the same time. Every time new ideas have emerged to perfect their designs, which has resulted in a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. This is why there is a French doors for every need.

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