Things To Consider When Choosing Your French Doors

Surely after reviewing all the available options in terms of styles and door designs, you finally decided on french doors thanks to the elegance and style that they can bring to any environment. Now when it comes to choosing your french doors, there are certain important aspects to consider. I invite you to get to know them so that you take them to consider when building or remodeling any space.

Criteria to consider when choosing your french doors:

Building or remodeling our home or any other important environment for us requires the analysis of all the corresponding elements that will impact the presentation and quality of the place. For this reason, when selecting the french doors for our furniture, it´s important to pay the necessary attention to certain aspects as they will help us select the best option according to our requirements. These aspects are:

1. Place where the french doors will be installed

There are a variety of options available to install in any environment and provide an elegant and subtle look at the same time. In general, french doors are designed to be installed in 2 types of environments, these are interior and exterior.


They contemplate all those spaces that will be covered under the roof; this is why wooden structures are the most suitable for this type of installation. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, and any space within a house, hotel, or furniture fall within this classification.


Corresponds to the spaces that will be exposed to the elements and will have contact with nature and its agents; this is why aluminum structures are used for such installations. The garages, patios, terraces, and any other environment that is not covered under a roof fall into this classification.


2. Material that your french doors must have

The main feature of french doors is the visibility they are capable of allowing thanks to the glass included in their structure. This characteristic is what positions them today among the first options chosen by people.

There are transparent glass to allow the absolute passage of sunlight and to be able to see easily through the door. On the contrary, there are glasses with a special finish that prevents viewing on the other side of the door to offer a certain degree of privacy. The selection of the type of glass will depend on the preference of each person and the place where the door will be installed.

The crystals are fixed to the structure of the french door, which is generally made of wood, but can also be made of aluminum. The intention of offering 2 types of options in terms of materials is to be able to offer an adequate option according to the place where they are going to be installed; that is if it will be indoors or outdoors.

3. Types of french doors

Knowing each type will help us to select the one that best suits our case. These are:


They are the ones that are installed as an entry in the main doors of homes, hotels, and country houses. They bring a modern touch to the facade and irradiate elegance and modernism. The construction of french doors for entry is very reliable, resistant, and safe, so their consideration represents a very good alternative.


They are those placed in interior environments where you want to add a sophisticated touch to each space. In general, they are those installed in bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and any interior space in a house, hotel, or furniture, where it´s necessary to separate environments to offer privacy.


They are models that include 2 doors that can be opened either one or the other from the center between the two. It´s a similar structure to entry doors and they are often used a lot as main doors. They are very elegant thanks to their larger size, they are often used a lot on balconies because of the impression they can generate in the sight of those who visit the place.

4. Styles of french doors:


Simple style french doors are those that have a single sheet for opening and closing the same.


They contemplate 2 sheets in the same structure for opening and closing, you can select which of the 2 sheets can open and close. Similarly, the 2 sheets can be opened and closed at the same time.

5. Construction of the french doors

The type of construction is another fundamental aspect that should not go unnoticed when selecting french doors since they generate a great impact in the place where they will be installed and depend directly on the space where they will be placed. These are:


It´s a space-saving option since it will not be necessary to open the door sheet outwards or inwards, by simply sliding the door sheet sideways, it can be opened and closed conveniently and easily at the same time. It´s important to have the corresponding facilities to install the rail that will allow the door to slide on the surface.


For tight spaces that warrant the arrangement of a french door, the folding type construction is the best option as it offers easy opening and closing of a sash that doubles as an accordion. Its operation is very practical and comfortable while providing a modern and mixed look at the same time.

Shaped like a swing.

They are the classic designs of one or two sheets that open in a swing way at the convenience of its users. The main detail to consider when installing a french door with this type of construction is that there is enough space available so that its sheets can make all the necessary movement that corresponds to the moment of opening and closing.

6. Security of the french doors

French doors for entry and exteriors are those that must guarantee an adequate degree of security since they will be permanently exposed. 6 elements offer protection and security in french doors, these are screen, lock, glass, lock, hinges, and the grill. Fortunately today some manufacturers offer highly secure french doors thanks to the fact that they build these elements with the appropriate materials.

Now you can choose your french doors

In general, the place where the french doors will be installed should be considered to select the material, type, style, construction, and security that apply according to each specific case. For this reason, it´s important to take into consideration all the aspects specified above to be able to select the best possible alternative, always complying with safety and offering the unique touch that each owner wants to generate in their furniture.