Sliding Sash Windows

The sliding sash window range combine the elegance of traditional sash windows with the benefits of modern materials.  Manufactured from PVCu, they are strong, will not rot, warp or require repainting ensuring that they retain their colour and shape throughout the years with minimum maintenance.

Is Sliding Window A Smart Decision?

They are suitable for replacing existing timber sash sliders in period buildings while still appealing to new-builds seeking to capture a traditional feel. The traditional style can be enhanced with the addition of Georgian or Astrical bars and decorative sash horns. They are available in White, Light Oak, Cream and Black

Easy to glide with controlled allowance of wind and light, sliding windows are a top choice with a touch of grace, comfort and modernism. Sliding windows have side-to – side sashes, and are our finest all-purpose window. Sliders have pleasant sight-lines and may be an economical option in designs requiring a casement look. They are made of Low-E glass filled with argon. Sliding windows are most commonly found in places that have an amazing view or require maximum ventilation. Because these windows are very easy to open and close (slide from left to right), they are often placed in places that can be more difficult to reach.

Why are sliding Windows a Good Choice?

User friendly: Sliding windows are known for their user-friendly design which allows you to open one side of the window while staying stationary on the other. These types of windows, due to the roller on which the window sash slides, can be easily opened or closed with the push of a finger. Because of this, they are frequently found in spaces where it may be difficult to open or close the window.

Energy Efficient: Due to its nature, there are no complicated moving parts in a sliding window which other types of windows have. Windows offers energy-efficient glass options that can keep your home at a consistent year-round temperature and reduce energy bills even further. Sliding windows are designed to allow simultaneous opening of both panels to enable full ventilation. Moreover, Sliding Windows provide a greater light allowance and give a natural feel to home.

Choose from an extensive range of designs and colours to enhance the appearance of your home. All back doors are available in double glazing and triple glazing. Aside from security, a new Back Door offer excellent thermal efficiency.

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