What aspects to consider when choosing the doors of your home?

If you want to generate an aesthetic and rapid change in the appearance of your home, you can make a functional change with very little financial investment. Just by replacing the doors of your home, you can generate an impressive visual impact. But, what aspects to consider when choosing the doors of your home?

Don’t think twice and discover the key elements to pay attention to when choosing the right door for your home. So you can enjoy a cozy and functional environment at the same time.

Criteria to consider to select the doors of your home

The doors not only add a specific style to each house; for example, rustic, modern, minimalist, contemporary, among others. Rather, they serve several important purposes, among which they stand out: saving space in the place to be installed and improving thermal and acoustic insulation in the area.

In addition to considering the desired style and the characteristics of the place where the door is to be installed, it´s necessary to consider certain basic elements that will make it possible to select the appropriate door for each need. Some of them are:

The type of opening.

They can be swing, sliding, double, or folding.


They are the most commonly used, it´s composed of a single sheet that opens and closes to one side.


It has a rail on either the bottom or top of the door so that it can slide into it conveniently.


It´s composed of 2 sheets or blades that open and close outwards. They are ideal to install in places where you have enough space.


They open and close like an accordion, they are perfect for places where there is little space.

The materials used for its construction.

Today a door can be made from practically any material. However, the most common materials are wood, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and the combination between them.

The finish of each door.

Regardless of the material used to build the doors, the finish represents the exterior appearance that everyone will envision. For this reason, it´s important to pay attention to all the details of the door, its frames, and its structure. A good finish will provide an optimal aesthetic appearance.

The dimensions of the door and space where it´s to be installed.

Some doors are manufactured with standard dimensions but in the same way, they can be manufactured with specific dimensions if the client wishes. Fortunately, some manufacturers are in charge of building custom doors according to the needs of each person.

The security it provides.

If the door that we are going to install is the main door of our home, it´s important to verify that it´s completely secure. For these cases, the ideal is to install battleship doors, armored doors, or security doors. For these 3 types of doors, there are a variety of options that meet safety standards and at the same time, there are elegant and modern designs.

The rest of the elements that make it up, such as locks, frames, handles, padlocks, door stops, and other factors, are also accessories that should not go unnoticed. Attention must be paid to their quality so that they can offer strength and durability.

Recommendations for selecting the colors of the doors of your home

  • White is one of the favorites for being very versatile and adapting to any environment. It can fit harmoniously with the floor, furniture, curtains, pictures, and any other decorative element that is in the environment. Also, it provides a touch of lightness and tranquility that many people look for.
  • Dark touches such as “Wenge”, which include chocolate, brown, black, maroon, and dark brown, tend to stand out surprisingly in light-colored environments, the stronger the contrast between light and dark walls, the visual impact will be better and more beneficial.
  • If the color of the floor is the same in most of the house, it´s advantageous to select the color of the doors inside the same tone of the floor, this method of combination is an option that many designers apply and the result is pleasant. For the case in which the rooms have a different floor color from the rest of the house, the door of each room can be selected with the same color of the floor of each room.
  • Selecting the tones of the doors of the same tone or a couple of tones lighter than the furniture is a combination that makes the doors stand out a lot.
  • In rooms where there are very good natural light and little artificial lighting is necessary, glass doors or with some glass inserts are usually ideal for these cases as they allow light to pass through them.
  • If you like exotic tones they can be used without problems, the ideal is to choose a tone that is present in some other element of the house; such as a lamp, a window frame, a painting, or any other.
  • It´s not mandatory that the door has the same tone as the floor, the combinations and contrasts can yield amazing results if done properly.
  • If the tone of the floor is very dark, doors with bright tones tend to stand out and fit very well in these cases.
  • It does not matter if the door frame and the door itself have the same tone or not, playing with combination and contrast between tones can provide a fabulous result.

The selection of the color of the doors for your home will depend mainly on the taste and preference of each person and the style you want to achieve. The above ideas are only recommendations that can help you choose the best door for your need.

What aspects to consider when choosing the doors of your home?

To select the doors of your home

You already know the aspects to consider when choosing the doors of your home so you have the basic tools to choose the most suitable for your needs and always keeping your taste. You can play with the materials available on the market until you combine the different tones that exist. Do not forget to choose a door that, in addition to meeting your demands, is quality and safe at the same time.