Why are French doors so popular?

When we want to decorate and remodel our home, we always think of versatile designs that can be adapted to any environment but at the same time bring elegance to that space. Today, French doors have become a very famous option and desired by many people thanks to the fact that they generate a modern and distinguished appearance insight.

What materials are French doors made of?

The traditional way of building a French door is based on the use of wood to make the body or structure that supports it and a transparent glass cover to cover the structure.

Additionally, there are other models or designs that instead of using wood, use aluminum. However, in interior spaces, wooden structures are always preferred. Similarly, the selection of the material used to build the structure depends mainly on the preference of each person.

Considering its manufacture, aluminum structures are usually very easy and fast to build and install since it´s a very light and practical material to mobilize. In the case of structures made of wood, the opposite happens since their construction requires a longer work time to give it the finish they deserve and obtain an optimal final result.

What are the advantages of installing French doors?

  • They allow rays of sunlight or any other external source to enter the interior conveniently. In this way, you can keep the space naturally lit during the day.
  • They can be made in any desired color since the wood; the main material used in its structure supports any color. For this reason, you can combine the door design with the decoration you want.
  • In general, this type of door is reinforced with extra material. In this way, you will obtain a durable and resistant product for a long time.
  • They do not require complex or expensive maintenance. Also, they are difficult to deform over time.
  • They can be manufactured with glasses qualified for energy use. For this reason, you can obtain a door with an efficient thermal design.
  • Door accessories such as handles, hinges, and others, can be selected in the color and material desired by the customer.

Where can French doors be installed?

They fit perfectly anywhere; however, there are spaces where more privacy is required and their design is not the most appropriate. For this reason, they are not usually installed in bathrooms or rooms. The spaces where they are installed most frequently are living rooms, balconies, kitchens, hallways, lounges, and any other space where it favors an entrance of natural light.

Also, used as main doors in interior and exterior spaces, this type of door can be used in closets, cabinets, and any other necessary furniture. Likewise, kitchen cabinets designed with French doors in some of their spaces are usually a very elegant and modern option.

Energy saving

One of the main benefits that these types of doors have and for which many people prefer them is the energy savings that they can provide thanks to the light that enters through them. Therefore, if energy cost savings are among your plans, French doors represent a wise choice.